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Creating a Strategy for Construction Site Security



The construction jobsite can be a chaotic place during the day with so much activity happening to create the new space. It is also one of the quietest spots in the evening, when everyone has left the open space alone. Because of this, the jobsite is vulnerable to security breaches. From theft to vandalism, measures must be taken to secure your construction site.

The best way to keep your construction site secure is by having a security policy in place. The basics include having a good perimeter barrier system, usually a fence, good lighting for 24/7 illumination of the site, having one access point to the site, having warning signs along the entire perimeter, and using jobsite security camera and personnel to watch the site.

Follow these construction site security procedures to safeguard your jobsite:

Secure Your Equipment

  • Maintain an inventory control system for all equipment, tools, and materials.
  • Implement a check-out system for all tools and equipment.
  • Establish a supervisory key-control program for motorized equipment.
  • Lock all equipment cabs during non-working hours with anti-theft/anti-vandalism devices.
  • Lock oil and gas tank caps where possible.
  • All portable high-value assets should be equipped with hidden GPS tracking devices.
  • Park equipment centrally in a well-lighted, secure area.

Secure Your Site

  • Schedule material deliveries to coincide with installation.
  • Keep the on-site inventory of materials to a minimum.
  • Store equipment, materials, and tools away from perimeter.
  • Remove equipment and materials from the site when no longer needed.
  • Use only high-quality locks.

Maintaining security at the construction jobsite takes a lot of effort, but the result is a safe and secure work space where everyone can focus on the tasks at hand.

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