Las Vegas, NV

March 3-7, 2026

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Media Badges

Show media badges are available to editorial members of the media

Working Media Status

Please include verification of working media status representing a news organization/outlet for your form to be processed. Examples include a current business card or masthead page with your name and name of a publication. Freelance/contract journalists or photographers should submit a note on company stationery from the publication or media outlet assigned to cover the shows. Media registrations will not be processed without verification of media status.


Exhibitors who are media representatives and need a media badge to access the newsroom and its services should also register as media.

International Media

Journalists previously exempt from obtaining a visa to visit the United States may now be required to do so. These rules are in addition to more stringent requirements related to the overall visa approval process, which can lengthen the time it takes to obtain a U.S. visa. All international journalists planning to attend the show should check requirements related to their specific situations and allow enough time (60 to 90 days minimum) to complete the visa process to enter the United States to attend the show. Visit